Hornyvid.com FAQ

How much does it cost to join Hornyvid.com?

Access to Hornyvid.com is totally free. However, some community users may choose to sell their content in exchange for Horny Coins.

What are Horny Coins?

Horny Coins is our internal payment system. Horny Coins can be used to purchase paid content from models or channels.

Can I convert Horny Coins to real money?

Sure! Any user can request cash payment, which will be paid according to the terms provided here

How much is a Horny Coin worth?

One Horny Coin is $ 0.10

What is the Horny Vid Community?

The Hornyvid.com community connects site users and allows you to make friends, subscribe to channels and exchange internal messages with users.

How do I become a pornstar?

All registered users can upload their videos for free and / or for a fee, they may also create their own channels. The user must have the necessary rights for publication.

Someone is using my image without permission. What can I do?

Hornyvid.com videos and albums have a special button to report videos for copyright infringement, malfunctions or inappropriate content. Our team will verify all complaints.

Are there other forms of earning on Hornyvid.com?

Of course! In some case the user may receive rewards based on traffic flow or for other activities.

Are there any restrictions on using your site?

You must be of age to be able to register and / or browse the site. Other limitations conform to the most common rules of good conduct and respect towards community members.

I haven’t found the answers I was looking for. How can I contact you?

You can contact us info@hornyvid.com